Anonymous asked:

I just wanna say, I love your art style and the level of consistency you've managed so far. I've always loved all the little facets of your art, the way you draw faces and expressions, body shapes and figures, it's all just super kawaii adorbs. They eyes and shoulders and everything it's all just so cute. <3 <3 <3 ^^ I love it a lot. I always smile whenever I see your art and that's something that's really helped me on some otherwise really bad days. Thanks a ton for doing what you do! <3 <3 <3!


Oh golly, thank you so much![[MORE]]

Sometimes it’s hard for me to enjoy my own art, because I’m so critical and negative about myself in general. Every piece of art is always a struggle. Sometimes I nail it, spot on, and I’m so proud. But I feel like usually I don’t. And it’s just so frustrating.
But I love my style, I love where it’s going, and I feel really proud of the individuality that I think I’ve pulled into it. Although I know I have a long way to go with a lot of things, and sometimes I feel like I let that burden(?) pull me down a lot more than it should.

But still, even while my own art makes me upset from time to time, it makes me so happy to know that it helps others. I mean, that’s the big reason I draw. Just to try and share some adorableness with the world. To be happy, colourful, bouncy, cute, light-hearted, and with a touch of sexy. That’s what I want. And I guess, on a bit of a tangent, that’s another reason I post the way I do. I try to update this blog Tuesday and Thursday, and I try to update December on Monday and Friday, so, I dunno. Having that schedule hopefully helps people have something to look forward to, to know when it’s coming. And I’m just so glad my art can pull people out of a bad day.
You’re super welcome, nameless anon. I’m so glad I’m able to help. And thank you for sending in a note like this. I might have gotten it awhile ago, but I definitely needed it now, so sorry about that little delay. And sorry about the vent, as well.

Here’s hoping that I’ll keep on keeping on, and while I might not always be happy with my results, I hope I’ll keep making you and others happy with them~! ♡